Ashraf Chaabane KF5EYY
2013 Yasme Excellence Award
Joseph Speroni AH0A
2013 Yasme Excellence Award
Tom Roscoe K8CX
2013 Yasme Excellence Award
Lee Sawkins VE7CC
2013 Yasme Excellence Award
Ken Claerbout K4ZW
2013 Yasme Excellence Award
Michael Carroll N4MC   Dean Gibson AE7Q
2013 Yasme Excellence Award
"Yasme Supporting Grants announced" NEWS RELEASE January 7, 2014

The YASME Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation organized to conduct scientific and educational projects related to Amateur Radio, including DXing (long distance communication) and the introduction and promotion of Amateur Radio in developing countries.

 "Danny Weil was a pioneer of what is now known as the 'DXpedition.' While not the first to DXpedition, Danny was one of the first to travel to more than one location to operate, and to travel from place to place - often solo in a sailboat and lugging hundreds of pounds of radio equipment - specifically to provide DXers with a 'new one.'  Lloyd and Iris Colvin perfected the DXpedition and took it into the modern age in the 1970s and 1980s, with operations from more than 100 countries, using modern transport methods and state-of-the-art radio equipment.

"YASME was both the name of Danny Weil's boat, and the name of the not-for-profit foundation that was created in 1959 to provide financial and logistical support for the travels of Weil, the Colvins, and others." --Scott Robbins, W4PA 

The YASME book: YASME--The Danny Weil and Colvin Radio Expeditions
By James D. Cain, K1TN

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